How to sync Facebook Calendar with Google Calendar


Facebook is the most popular social networking website and use by many people to be remain in contact with there friends or to make new friends online . Facebook have many great features and i personally like facebook calendar feature which store information that when is your friend birthday or upcoming events , it would be great if we can import this facebook calendar to our google calendar and then we can use our google calendar on our android phones .If you do remember in my one of earlier post i shown you how to import window live calendar to google calendar  similar to that in this post we will see how to import facebook calendar to google calendar and how than we can use that calendar on our android phone , so let see step by step how to do this .

How to export facebook calendar from facebook

Birthday notification and events notification can be seen right side of the facebook but if you want to see all the upcoming birthdays and notification then you have to go to particular page so first you need to open up calendar page ,  see the below how we can go that page .

1.) Open the page now in this page click on the Wrench icon and then click on export , see below pic for more details .

export facebook calendar


2.) Now a small window will pop up in that window right click on export your friends birthday calendar  and then click on the copy link location, see below pic for more details .

export facebook calendar 1

3.) Paste that link text in the browser location box , if you want to download the calendar file to your computer and then change webcal to HTTP , see below pic .

export facebook calendar 2

After hit enter you calendar file will start downloading and then click OK and the file save to your local computer , see below pic for more details .

export facebook calendar 3

Now we have saved our facebook calendar to our local computer now let see how to add our facebook calendar to our google calendar and then use that calendar on android .

Import facebook calendar to google calendar

1. )Now as we have done in the last few steps by changing the link to HTTP now we need that link again so copy that link and go to google calendar by click on

Now sign in google calendar from your web browser after signing in on the left hand panel there is a option of other calendars click on the drop down and then click on add  by URL , see below pic for more details .

click on add url

2. ) A window will popup paste the ICS link we copied from the facebook calendar page and then replace webcalcs by http and then finally click on the add calendar , it will start importing your calendar so once your calendar will be imported to google calendar then you will able to see all the events in google calendar , see below pic .

import facebook calendar to google

Now your all facebook birthday are visible in google calendar and now we have to synchronized our google calendar with our android  phone so open calendar in your android phone and go to settings and then click on account and then choose which calendar you want to synchronized , see below pic .

andorid calendar

Remember do check the birthday calendar so you will able to see all the birthday on your mobile phone ,  see below pic how it will look like on android calendar .

andorid calendar 1

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