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Facebook engineers are doing many changes to facebook , recently they have introduced a new feature on facebook by it you can view to whom you have sent facebook friend requests , some time we forget to whom we have sent friend request and when that person don’t accept your friend request and after 4 or 5 more cases like this you will get penalize by facebook and facebook put restriction on your account like you are not allowed to send messages and friend request to unknown people on the facebook up to 7 days and many others restrictions can be also put on you by facebook so it essential to cancel those pending request to avoid from being penalized by facebook , so in today post we see how can we check pending friend request on facebook .

1.) it is the most simple step , first you need to login in your facebook account .

2.) Click on friends icon on the top of facebook page , and after that click on find friends , see below pic for more details .

facebook friends

3.)After clicking on find friends you will redirect to a new page on that page click on the  View Sent Requests , if you can’t see it then scroll down a little and click on it , see below pic for more details .

facebook friend request sent

That it now you will able to see all your pending friend request ,see below pic in which i can see my all sent friend request , it also show you those sent friend requests to who are no more using facebook .

sent facebook friend request

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