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How to Create Animated GIF Image Using Freeware Tools

If  you are amazed to see images that are animated in nature and similar to videos but in reality they are not videos but its just a simple clip of a video which is in format of images and that special kind of images are called “GIF” images or some time people in layman language called it as animated images , so in today post we see how to create such kind of images usingContinue Reading

How to increase the volume of the low audio in a video file

Some video files that are downloaded might have very low audio and you hardly able to hear it , so you might will able to think to delete that video file or if it is very important video file then you are looking for a method to increase or boost the sound of video file .There is not any easy method to increase the sound of a video file but there are some  freeware videoContinue Reading

Backup and Download Your Orkut Data

Ten years ago orkut was launch and it become so popular in some countries in between years 2007 to 2010 and after that it start declining and people had started to shift from orkut to facebook , there are many reason of it why orkut decline , it might be of because of 1.)Lack of privacy 2.)GIF images are alllow in orkut scrap pages which increase the size of web pages and that take moreContinue Reading

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