Backup and Download Your Orkut Data


Ten years ago orkut was launch and it become so popular in some countries in between years 2007 to 2010 and after that it start declining and people had started to shift from orkut to facebook , there are many reason of it why orkut decline , it might be of because of

1.)Lack of privacy

2.)GIF images are alllow in orkut scrap pages which increase the size of web pages and that take more time to load pages hence orkut become quite slow during those days .

3.)Increase in popularity of other social media networks like facebook , YouTube , blogger and the finally google plus is launch which itself become the last nail to orkut coffin .

But now finally google have decided to say goodbye to orkut platform on September 30 , 2014 , until then you can use the orkut but starting today no will able to create a new account but before google shutdown we should make back up of orkut , so let see how to do this .

1.) Go to google takeout setting page and click on Create and archive  , see below pic .

orkut shut down

2.) After clicking on that you will move to a new page where you will see list of services , now on the top deselect the “select all” option and after that scroll down the page utill you will not see the orkut service and then select that option , see below pic .

orkut shut down 1

3.)Now again move back to the top of page and click on create archive and your orkut will start downloading in few minutes , see below pic for more details .

orkut data back up

4.) Once your orkut archive completed  you can download it , see below pic for more details

orkut data back up 1

When you will click on the download it will redirect you to log in page so you need to login again this is all done to prevent your personal data from hacking or unauthorized accessed , hope you like my this if you have any query related to above steps you can do comment below in comment section and don’t forget to subscribe and like our blog .

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  1. Hi. Can you please tell me how can I take the back up of the scraps I have sent in orkut. Please do reply.

    • just follow all the above steps , it will make complete backup of your orkut profile once it will be completed open the “zip” and in that open any html page it will open you whole orkut profile in browser after that click on the scrap where you will able to see all your scrap

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