How to Create Animated GIF Image Using Freeware Tools


If  you are amazed to see images that are animated in nature and similar to videos but in reality they are not videos but its just a simple clip of a video which is in format of images and that special kind of images are called “GIF” images or some time people in layman language called it as animated images , so in today post we see how to create such kind of images using freeware tools available on web , so i will show a list of tools that available on web that make GIF images directly.


This is one of my favorite tool which create gif image directly and save it to your local computer or disk .It provide you  functionality by using hotkey you can pause the recording but unfortunately it doesn’t have the functionality to start and stop the recording using hotkey.I have successfully tried it on window 8 and as per description of the site it work on all windows version and it also does work on mac apple OSX , you can download the tool from the below link .

After downloading the tool install it to you local computer and open the software , see the below image how to do various setting’s of the software .

How to Create Animated GIF Image Using Freeware Tools

That’s it , hope you like this tool now lets move to other tools and see what functionality they provide so let see.

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RecordIt is another freeware tool that is use create stunning gif images , this tool is also available for window and for MAC operating system .You can download this tool from the below link .

After Downloading this tool install it to your computer ,open this tool and selected the area you want to record .

create gif image using freeware tools

This tool is not like licecap so it will first create a video and than upload it to its website when you are done with the recording.

create gif image using freeware tools 1

and then from there website you can create a gif image of that video by a just a single click , see below image .

create gif image using freeware tools 2

So these are thee free tools available on web , i will like this licecap it easy and create GIF image directly instead of creating video first so choice is all yours , so that’s it i hope you like my this post if you have any query you can ask me in the below comment section and don’t forget to subscribe and follow my blog also do check out my others related post from the below link .

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