How To Add Captcha In Contact Form And Comment Box


Blogging is getting famous day by day and people are taking blogging as there carrier  and those blogger who are going  take blogging as there carrier or already doing blogging  from many years , they mostly use WordPress as there blogging platform , WordPress is a great blogging platform but it have there own drawback like security , complexity and much more .WordPress user who use it are also annoyed and pissed by the spammers , spammers do lot of spammy comments in comment box and in the contact form , spammer use automate  software for doing spammy comments and emails so that why you will get lots of spam comments and email from contact form , there is plugin called akismet  which detect such kind of spam comments but still this is not all enough because still we get a lot of spam comments and email , so the best way to tackle it to install a captcha plugin which will reduce spam comments and email to a greater extent .So in this post today we will see how to install captcha plugin below comment box and in the contact form .

How to Add Captcha in Contact Form

Contact form is the vital part of the any blog and every pro blogger have a contact form in his or her blog , so we all have one contact form in our WordPress blog . The most important plugin to install contact form in the WordPress via the contact form 7   , if you have not installed this plugin on your blog then i will recommend you to installed this plugin it is the one of the great plugin that every WordPress blogger should have in its WordPress blog ,  go to plugin page via below link .

after installing this plugin add a contact form using this plugin and then in the same setting’s page you will also fine the setting’s of the captcha  , see below screen for more details .

captcha in contact form

on clicking the captcha you will see notification to install really simple captcha plugin  to use captcha feature in contact form 7   , see below image

captcha contact form

After  installing the plugin come back again to your setting page of contact form and again click on the captcha now you will able too see the setting’s to add the captcha in your contact form , see below image .

captcha contact form 1

That’s it you just need to paste those code to the left hand section according to your placement of captcha box where you need it in your contact form and then save it , see below image

captcha contact form code area

Now go to your contact form and check it , you will find the captcha box there in contact form , now lets see how to install the captcha box below in the comment box using simple plugin .

How to Add Captcha in the Comment section

There are lot of plugin available which can help you to achieve this kind of functionality but i like the WP- recaptcha plugin the most which is easy to implement and this plugin based on google recaptcha system , so to install this kind of functionality download the WP-recaptcha plugin from the below link

After installing the plugin come to the setting page of the WP-recaptcha plugin via settings menu and in the setting page you will see the option to enter the public key and private key that part is must to enter,   see the below image .

public and private keys

To get the private key and the public key click on here in the setting’s page as you can see in the above image that will redirect you to the google page and then on that page click on sign up , see the below image for more details.

google recaptcha sign up

It will redirect you to a new where you need to put your domain name and then click on create , see below image .

public and private key

After clicking on the create button it will give you the details about the private key and public key , you should copy all the data and paste it one by one in the captcha setting’s page ,  see below image for more details .


public and private keys on setting page

Ok now almost every thing is done so finally click on the save and go to your comment section you will able to see a captcha box in the comment section so if any bot or automate software will try to post a spam comment he will get error and you will not get any spam comments .That’s it i hope you like my this post if you have any query you can ask me in the below comment section and don’t forget to subscribe and follow my blog also do check out my others related post from the below link .

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