How to setup undo sent email feature in the Gmail


In this world every one do have at least  one email account and in the life time many mail accounts , I have more than 5 active email accounts with different different mail service provider but i most like gmail which is safe and also do provide many features , there is one feature in gmail which rarely known to the people and it is the that you can undo the email that you have sent but there is exception you have only few seconds to do undo the email you have sent , when this feature was first introduced this feature was done enabled by default google but after some time google make it optional whether you want this option to be enabled or not , so in this small tutorial i will tell how to enable this option in few steps .

1.)Log in into your gmail account

2.)After log in to your gmail account click on wrench icon which is on the top right hand in your gmail inbox , see below image for more details and then click on the settings options

gmail settings page

3.)After clicking on the settings you will be redirect to the settings page of the gmail in that page click on the Labs option from horizontal tab menu , see below pic for more details

labs settings gmail

4.)Labs include many features which you can use which will enhance the capability of your gmail account , in the Labs there is undo email feature you can see it by scrolling down to the page and then you can enable it from there .

undo send settings gmail


5.)Finally click on save to save your setting’s in the gmail page .

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