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Android platform are use by many peoples all over the world because its have many features and its application play store contain  millions of  applications which is use by people all over the world , many of its applications are people are unaware today in my post i will gonna talk about such application which will help you to transfer the applications from one android devices to another android devices , isn’t it sound great we don’t need to download the application from play store when we can get it from our friends .You may be now thinking what it is need to get it from your friend when we can get the application from playstore now for a second think that your lots of data will spend if you need to download any application is of around 1GB  specially in country like mine in India every one will not download such huge application from playstore , so lets see how to do this I am dividing the tutorial in two section one to transfer the small file and another to transfer huge application around 1GB .

Sharing the smaller applications

1.)  Open your play store from you android device and search for the Share Apps , or else you can install it from the below link.

Install the app on your android device , after installing application open the application on your device .

share applications

Choose the app you want , as you can see the share icons in front of each application so click on that and choose the share it via Bluetooth it will take much time transfer file , for an example let say i want to transfer the Mozilla Firefox then i will click on share icon button which is in front of the Mozilla Firefox and share it  to will my friend .

Sharing the Large Applications

We have recently transferred one small app(Firefox) from one android device to another now lets see how could i can transfer the larger application which are more than 1GB if you noticed any strange thing let me show what is some things strange in above pic , see the below pic for that .

fifa strange size

Ok how could it possible that fifa is of just 16MB it can’t possible because we all know that its of very large size so why the app is just showing us the size 16MB , ok the answer is that the share app only show the size of APK files means you can only transfer the APK file via share app , so in the above case we share the Firefox APK file easily but  in this case if you will able transfer the fifa 14 APK  to any device and he will also able to install it and open it but will not able to play it because he or she will get an error of missing file .So if you want to transfer such kind of applications to any other android device then you also need to transfer it dependencies file so where should we found this , ok let me tell you where we find all the dependencies file on which APK depends.

1.) Open your File Manager in your android device and move to android folder , see below pic .


android folder


2.) After opening the android folder open than open the OBB folder , see below pic for more details .

obb folder

3.) Ok now after opening the folder you will see list of folders where you will see a folder of fifa 14 , now this is very important point please create the same name folder in other android device and copy all the contents of this fifa 14 folder to that folder that’s it , see below pic .

copy all the contents of this devices

Now finally open your fifa 14 app that you have installed and you will find that it is running smoothly and you will not need to download anything from Google play store , i hope you like my this post and and if you have any query please leave comment below in comment section and don’t forget to subscribe and like my blog , you can also read the related post from below related list .

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