How to use Eclipse IDE to do coding in salesforce


In my last post i talked about cloud computing and how cloud computing is nowadays used for CRM purpose and we also talked about salesforce is the most use cloud computing technology for CRM purposes and also shown you how to create developer account on the salesforce ,In today post we will see how to use eclipse IDE for writing code like apex,visualforce and classes(Extension) for salesforce , so lets how to use it .

1.)  We need JDK(java development kit ) to be installed in our system but before downloading the JDK you must check the version of windows you are using in your system , so to check that go to system property page  , see image below of my system .

type of system

As you can see that my system is of 64 bit so i required 64bit JDK  , so go to the below link to download the JDK 7 version.

After downloading the JDK  , Installed it in your system and after installing it you can verify it by opening command prompt and type command ‘java’ and hit enter , if you get lot of information that means your java get installed successfully or else if you get an error like ‘command is not recognized’ than something went wrong.

2) Now we need to download the eclipse , so to download the eclipse go to below link and download the standard eclipse kepler 4.3

Note:Download eclipse must be of same bit as of your JDK so in my case i will download the 64bit standard eclipse kepler 4.3

After downloading the eclipse , extract all the files and open the eclipse .

3.)Now once eclipse is open click on ‘ Help‘ and then click on the ‘install new software’  ,see below image .

install new software

4.)A new small window will pop up in that window click on add button and than a new small window will pop up in that window in the name text are enter ‘ IDE’ and  in location text area enter ‘’ (without quotes) see below image for more details .

add new softwares

Click on ‘ok’ button it will show bundle files select that and click on next button , see below pic .

bundle of salesforce file

In new window you find a page license and agreement page accept that agreement and click on the next button  , now you bundle of files will start downloading it take 5 to 10 minutes to complete the download , see below image .

downloading bundle of files

That’s it now once all downloading will finished restart your eclipse and then right click on the left hand section and then click on the new project button and choose ‘Project’ and select project . That’s all for today so happy coding , if you have any problem leave coment below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

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