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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser in the world , Google Chrome have so many features that make it one of best browser in the world and one of its feature is that your all bookmarks get back up automatically to your Google account and you don’t need to worry about your bookmarks and it also consume less memory than other browser moreover than this it also provide functionality to create different-different profiles on Google chrome , we can also create profile on Mozilla Firefox but it is more difficult to create and switch between different-different profile in Mozilla Firefox then the Google chrome. In today post we will talk about how to make our Google Chrome more faster by changing some of its setting’s, I also have written a similar kind of post in which I wrote how to do simple tweaks that make your Google Chrome faster, so let’s see in today what more changes we can do in the Google chrome to make it more faster.

Tweaking Google chrome for maximum speed

Browser are always designed in way that it should work on all the low range to high ranges system perfectly without getting lagged , so they are lot of setting’s which are not enable by default but you do enable them so to enable them see below points

1.) Launch your Google chrome browser and in the address bar type chrome://flags/ and hit enter and there  you will see a list of setting’s.

2.)Open the search box by clicking CTRL+F and in the search box type Enable fast tab/window close.

3.)Once you find it then click on enable button to enable this setting which allow you to fast tab/window close , see below picture for more details.

enable fast tab or window close

4.) There are other experimental setting’s you can try like to save username and password automatically in the  Google Chrome whenever you sign in , to enable it search in the Save passwords automatically , see below picture for more details .

save password automatically

5.)One of my the best experimental setting that i like to much is to load the web pages from the cache when there is no internet connectivity , to enable this setting search Enable Offline Load Stale Button in the search box and enable it , see below pic for more details.

enable auto load save state

You can play with list of setting’s available in the Google chrome if you think that your browser get slow or something gone wrong than you shouldn’t worry about it because at any time you can reset everything to default by clicking on the button which is in the top right hand corner of the screen,  see below picture for more details.

reset to default

I hope all of you like my this post if you have any query you can leave comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and social networking sites , you can also look at my other post related to Google chrome browser from the below section.

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