How to convert presentation files to image files


Microsoft office provide you bunch of software to use for business purpose but this software is not available on all the operating system platforms so if you are using PowerPoint then it is really become difficult to deal with PowerPoint on other operating system platform because you can’t able to open them in that case you need a way to extract all the images from PowerPoint slides , if you remember I also shown in post on how to extract the images from protected PDF files similar to that post in this post we will see how to extract images from  PowerPoint file , so let’s see step by step how to do that.

Converting PowerPoint presentation files to image files 

1.) Open up your PowerPoint slides and click on save as button, see below image for more details.

click on save as in powerpoint

2.)A new ‘Save As’  window would get open in that window click on the drop down box of ‘Save as Type’ , see below image for more details .

save as window for image format

In the drop down list you will see lot of option but you just need to choose either PNG or JPEG, so on click on save .

3.) After clicking on save you a message would prompt that you want to save current slide only or every slide of presentation file, see below picture for more details.

every slide or current slide only

If you want to store only one slide as image, then click “current slide only” and if all slide at once then “every slide”, or if none, then cancel the operation. That’s it now go to folder where you have saved the file, you will see a single image file if you saved only current slide or else you will all the slide as image format so if you on another operating system just open one image slide and start slide show, I hope you like my this post if you have any query related to this post you can leave comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to blog and my social networking pages.

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