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There are lots of messenger application are available on you smart phone and one of the most famous is the whatsapp , it is recently bought by the facebook and so we are all hoping some big changes that are going to come on whatsapp and now that big change that whatsapp bring on the whatsapp is that now you can officially use whatsapp on your personal computer(PC) , laptop and desktop and now might be you are thinking that to use whatsapp on PC you are required to install a separate a software on your PC but here comes a surprise that you don’t need to install any separate software on your PC , so you might be thinking how then it actually going to work , so lets see a complete guide on how to use whatsapp on PC using officially whatsapp solution .

Using Whatsapp on PC

To use whatsapp on PC we required Internet connectivity and browser on our personal computer and the most important things latest whatsapp on our mobile .

Make sure you have the latest WhatsApp installed on your phone , at least required version of whatsapp is ‘version 2.11.498’ to use whatsapp on PC

1.) As i earlier told you that we don’t required any separate software to installed on our PC , so we synchronize our WhatsApp via Web Application , so go to below web page.

Open the website using only Google chrome/Opera because as of now Google chrome and Opera  these are the only two browser on which its working

After opening up web page you find a QR code there so we need to scan that QR code and we need to scan that code through our whatsapp and to scan QR code is only available on the latest whatsapp.

2.) if you have latest version of whatsapp installed on your phone then open up your whatsapp and click on the setting and then click on the ‘WhatsApp Web’ , see below image for more details .

click on setting on whatsapp

3.)Now after clicking ‘WhatsApp Web’ scan QR code which is visible on you PC ,desktop (See below image for more details)

scan QR code on whatsapp site

That’s it now your whatsapp is finally synchronized with your personal computer or desktop and now you can able to send any message to your contacts and  you  can also enable push notification for the desktop so when ever a new message come you will get notification , if you no more want to use whatsapp for PC then you need to log out from the setting in the whatsapp over the web page.That’s it for today post if you like this post please share this post with other and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog  and if you have any query and problem then please do comment in below comment section .

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