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In newer version of Mozilla Firefox they have change lots of feature one of the feature that we going to talk about to reset or refresh the Mozilla Firefox to its default setting, It is necessary thing to speed up your Mozilla Firefox browser so it would become very helpful while you are working. You can also export or synchronize bookmarks over Firefox so it be very helpful if something goes wrong with your Mozilla Firefox, if your Mozilla Firefox is not working properly then Mozilla Firefox intelligence feature sense that and give you a option to refresh you Firefox as like a new one but consider if you don’t get such option then how could someone refresh Mozilla Firefox to default then this guide will going to help you, so lets see how to reset or refresh Firefox to default.

Restart Mozilla Firefox with all the add-on disabled

If your Mozilla Firefox is not working properly then you can disable all add-ons and restart your Firefox to see is your Mozilla Firefox now working perfectly so it will only resolve only those issue which might be related to the add-ons you have installed on your Firefox , so to reset or restart Firefox with all the add-on disabled follow the below points.

1.) Open up your Firefox browser and open up the menu and then click on open up help menu, see below image for more details.

open up help menu

2.) After opening up help menu click on restart with add-on disabled, a confirmation message would prompt so after your confirmation Firefox get restarted, see below picture for more details.

restart with add-on disabled

OK that’s it now your Firefox will get restart and all the add-on get disabled but still if it doesn’t fix any issue you are facing then you can reset or refresh your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Reset or Refresh your Mozilla Firefox

You can simply refresh your Mozilla Firefox browser by just a single click to do that you need go to the troubleshooting information, so see below picture for more details.

troubleshooting information

Or else you can also go to the troubleshooting information page directly by entering the about:support in the address bar and click enter.

A troubleshooting information page would get opened which contain list of handy information like update history, crash reports and many more things but to refresh our Firefox we need to click on refresh Firefox button in that page which you find on the right hand side of the page, See below picture for more details.

refresh firefox

After refreshing your Firefox all the data would backup in single folder on your desktop, the most important thing that I want to tell you that on refreshing your Mozilla Firefox the Firefox will retain below things as it is.

  • Bookmarks
  • Browsing History
  • Passwords
  • Open windows
  • Cookies
  • Web form auto-fill information
  • Personal Dictionary

So that’s all about the refresh and resting your firefox to default so whenever you seems that your firefox is not working fine any more you can refresh your Mozilla Firefox web browser,if you have any query related to this post you can leave comment in below comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and my social networking pages.


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