How to save email of gmail as PDF in android


In this 21st century we all have at least one email id through that email id we communicate to other people mainly for business purpose and some of us also might have email id over Gmail , Gmail is the one of the leading email service provider in the world which have many best features , one of the features I already told you in my previous post on how to undo sent email in Gmail .In today post we will see how to save any email of Gmail as in PDF format in the android operating system , so let’s see how to do that.

How to save email in Gmail as PDF in android

if you are using Gmail application over the android operating system then it would be very easy to save that Gmail as in PDF format so you must have two things

1) An android phone.

2) A Gmail Application in your phone.

Open your Gmail application over android operating system and then open up any email in that application, after opening up email click on the option, see below picture for more details.


click to open more option in gmail

Now after clicking on that icon as shown in above picture, you will see more option regarding to that particular email, so in that option click on the Print , see below picture for more details .

click here to print the email as pdf

After clicking on the print you will find a options to specify the size of the PDF, orientation, Colour and copies, you can specify all these things according to your need once you have set all these things then finally click on Save Button to save that particular email as PDF format , see below picture for more details .

click on save button , to save that email as PDF

After clicking on save button choose the name of the file and choose where you want to save the files and finally click on save button .That’s it for today post but similar kind of thing can also be done on desktop but for that you need to installed a separate software which will allow you to save all your webpage as PDF  i have also written post about this you can check this post here on how to save any webpage as PDF , if you like my this post please don’t forget to share this post and also don’t forget to subscribe to blog , if you have any query leave comment below in the comment section.

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