How to resume interrupted download files in Google chrome


Google chrome is most famous web browser in the world and it widely used around the world , it have lots of hidden features and in the last post i also told some hidden tweak of Google chrome like to load cache page  mean you can view any static web page without Internet if you had visited earlier and like to close and open tab fast and many other things which increase speed and usability of the Google chrome , similar to those kind of tweak we will going to look at one more hidden tweak which is recently introduced in newer version of Google chrome 29 which allow user to resume the pause downloads , you might be of thinking that this feature already there in Google chrome then why there is need to enable this feature from hidden setting’s then I want tell you that this feature resume your those download files which are get broken or get interrupted from Internet and that file can’t get resume normallyon Google chrome , so some time it is preferable to download this kind of files using download manager but now in newer Google chrome version it give you option to resume the download from within the chrome , so now you no more needed the download manager because you have going to have your own built download manager for Google chrome but still I want to tell you that this setting is still in beta mode , so without wasting much time let’s see how to enable this setting.

Enable Download Resumption Setting in Google Chrome 

1.) If you have seen my earlier post then you will not find any difficulty to enabling this feature in Google chrome it is very easy to enable this feature in Google chrome, so the first step that we want to that to open up our Google chrome browser .

2.) Once you open up your Google chrome browser then in address bar type chrome://flags/ and hit enter and there  you will see a list of setting’s.

3.)Open the search box by clicking CTRL+F and in the search box type Enable Download Resumption , see below image and click on the Enable button to enable this setting.

enable download resumption in google chrome settings page

After enabling it , you just need to restart your Google chrome so all the changes you have done should take place , so this is all for today post but you can also look at my other post on how to tweak Google chrome for maximum speed in  Google chrome and if you have any query related to this post you can leave you comment in the below comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my social networking page and my blog.

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