Setting default record types for the Chatter profiles


If you are salesforce developer then you are fully aware of record type and why they are used , today I encounter a situation where I want to remove all the record type from particular object and to assigned master layout back to that object again , so to remove record type I go to the particular record type and disable or inactive it but I was not able to disable or inactive that record type which is the default record type to the user profile, so in that case I have to go each profile and change the record type manually, now here comes a problem whenever I open chatter profile I couldn’t find a option to change the default record type , so in today post we will see how to set default record type for chatter profiles.

Setting default record types for the chatter profiles

I was getting a message from salesforce that this record type can’t be deleted or inactive because this record type is being used by the following profiles.

Chatter External User Chatter Free User Chatter Moderate User

See the below picture which i get whenever I try to inactive or delete the record type which is default assigned to the user profile.


chatter profile

So right click on that profile and open it in the new window but i didn’t able to find the option to change the default record type for the chatter profile , see below screen shot what I seen.

chatter free user profile

In this page I couldn’t find any option to change the record type of this profile so if you want to change the record type of this see below format.

https://[your salesforce instance]/setup/ui/profilerecordtypeedit.jsp?id=[the profile id]&tid=[the object id or name] [Your salesforce instance]: Replace this with your salesforce instance in my case it is ‘’

[The object id or name]: Replace this with the id of the object you will get the id of the object by visiting that object or replace it with the name if it standard object, see below point and picture for more detail how to get id.

[The profile id]: Replace this with id of the profile, you can get the id of the profile by visiting each profiles, see below picture for more details.

profile id

That’s after replacing both the things copy and paste the URL in the address box and hit enter , it would open record typesetting page for the chatter user, see below picture for more details.

change record type for chatter user

That’s it now default record type of chatter user are now changed now you can easily delete or inactive the record type , I hope you like my this post you can also look at my other post on salesforce, if you have any query please leave comment below in the comment section.

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