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if you watched any video over the browser then that video get stored locally on the computer in special folder called ‘cache’ so if after watching the video you want it to your local computer then you actually don’t need to download it because that video is already available in your local computer, so before moving ahead let’s see what actually is the browser cache.

What is cache?
Cache is special folder in your local computer which store the data of the server temporarily whenever you visited any web page or open any image or even watched any video that get stored in your local computer.
How to extract the videos from browser cache?

There are actually two ways of doing that one is that to open the cache folder and go through all the video files and then extract that video file from that folder to some other folder, another way is to using third party tool to fetch all the video from that folder and display in the software that sound good which don’t require so much effort to do and there is freeware software available which actually help in achieving that and you can download that tool from the below link.

After downloading the tool you just need to extract the tool on your desktop or any other folder and after that run that tool, you can open setting page of the tool by using the shortcut key F6 and in that setting’s page you will need to fill the location of the cache folder of the different-different browser already got location filled for the Mozilla Firefox,see below image.

video cache

  • Chrome User : C:\Users\’YourComputerUsername’\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache
  • Opera User : C:\Users\’Your Computer Username’\AppData\Local\Opera Software\Opera Stable\Cache
  • Now once you have set all the settings then you need to click on start button it will start fetching all the cache videos from the cache, see the below screen for more detail.

    get videos from browser cache

    All the files in the cache not playable so the most important thing to look into those files is there size, this is the best way to find the playable file and it take almost 5 minutes for software to fetch all the video from the cache folder, once you find a file that playable then right click on that file and choose copy selected file to to save it out of the cache folder, see below image for more details.

    fetch watched videos from the browser cache

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  • The quality of a video depends upon on quality that you have watched it.
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