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Data loader is standalone application which we can use to export and import the data from salesforce, we can easily import any csv file in salesforce but sometime we need to export a kind data from salesforce that contain non English characters and after exporting that data , we cannot view it properly because it would show a alien kind of words like أسÙ, to properly export the data from salesforce through data loader we have to make sure that in the setting of data loader that read and write CSV file with UTF-8 encoding is checked but still after exporting data with UTF-8 encoding the csv file would show you aliens kind of words which you could not able to understand it so in this post i will show you how we can read non English data that we have exported from salesforce through data loader, so lets see step by step on how to do it .

Configuring data loader to read and write UTF-8 CSV file
if the data in salesforce have non English characters then first thing we need to do is to configure our data loader so it can read and write the CSV file in UTF-8 format , please follow the below steps to configure your data loader.

1.)Open you data loader

2.) Click on setting from the menu ,see below image .

setting of data loader

3.) In setting page find the option of ‘read and write csv file with UTF-8 encoding’ and mark it checked , see below image for more details .

read and write csv file with urf 8 encoding

4.) click and login to data loader using your credentials and export the data with fields which contain non English characters.

Reading UTF- 8 CSV file which have aliens/jumbled words

Now we have exported our data from salesforce into CSV file with UTF-8 encoding but when open it we could not able to read the read because it would show all the non English words as aliens or jumbled words , see below image how non English data is looking i export the data that include Arabic.

CSV file with non english data

Now let’s step by step easiest workaround to read non English data , please follow below steps

1.) Go to google sheets , please follow the below link and create a one blank spreadsheet.

2.)Click on File from menu and then click on the open or else use shortcut ctrl + o to open a particular file , see below image.

click open file in spreadsheet

3.)A new wizard get opened,in this wizard upload csv file that you have export from salesforce ,see below image for more details.

choose a file from local compute to spreadsheet

4.)Once the file is get imported in spreadsheet you will see all jumbled and aliens words correctly in the spreadsheet,see below image for more details.

correct utf-8 file in spreadsheet

5.)Now you can easily download this file in the various format from spreadsheet,please take a look at the below image from below details.

download as various format spreadsheet

This is all about today post , if you get stuck at some where you cannot able to read CSV file with UTF-8 format then this post will definitely help you , if you have any query regarding this post then you can leave a comment below in the comment section.

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