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At the end of the year 2014 Google had added a new feature in its Google chrome browser which is that you can play dinosaur runner game in the browser when you are not connected to the internet, this game is all about running without hitting any hurdles, this game is best way to kill the time when your internet get interrupted or disconnected for short period of time. In today post we would see some tricks which allow you to play the dinosaur running game while you are connecting to internet and few way to hack the game , see let’s see our first little tricks.

Play Google chrome dinosaur game while you are online

Google chrome dinosaur game is mostly played offline when you are not connected to internet but there is a simple trick which allow you to play dinosaur game even when you are connected to the internet, so see below steps.

1.) Open a new Tab in google chrome and then copy this link  chrome://network-error/-106  and hit enter, it will open a dinosuar game, same screen that youy get when you are offline, thanks to our reader Anon .

Alternative way to open it (Quite Complicated)

1.) Open a new blank tab in the google chrome and then right click in free space and choose inspect element , see below image for more details.

inspect element in google chrome

2.) In inspect element window click on Mobile icon window, see below image for more details.

click on mobile icon in google chrome inspect element

3.) On clicking the mobile icon the current window will gets appeared in the mobile view, This mobile views is for developers to test web pages whether they are responsive or not and there are plenty of setting’s available for tester to test pages, we just need to make few changes in setting’s so we can play the dinosaur game while connecting to the internet so view below pic what changes we have to do.

changes in settings of mobile testing page in google chrome inspect element

4.) Change the size of the screen what size of the game you want to view on your screen and try to open any website as we have chosen the offline mode so it redirect you to dinosaur game, In the final step increase or decrease the size of the screen using CTRL++ or CTRL–, see the below screen how your game would appear.

dinosaur game while connecting to internet

So that’s how you can play the dinosaur game when you are offline, now let’s sees a simple hack which make your dinosaur immortal.

Hacking google chrome dinosaur game

This hack would only be work when you are not connected to internet, so we need to enter few commands in console to hack it, please follow the below steps.

1.) In inspect element there is tab called Console, click on that tab and write the following commands in the console.

After entering the command you would see various options in console, we have to concern with game over function, see below picture for more details.

runner prototype command in console

2.) We just need to call game over function in console, so type below command in console and hit enter.

Runner.prototype.gameOver=function (){console.log(“ohotech.com”)}

The above command make your dinosaur immortal and it will never die, There is one more function which allow you to change the speed of the game so to change the speed of the game type the below command in console and hit enter.

Those all about hacking the dinosaur game, if you have any query related to this post comments below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and social networking pages. You can also look at other post from the below related post.

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  1. I dont understand step 2

  2. Why would you go through all the trouble of playing the game online? Just turn off your internet connection!

  3. i do not get it

  4. If you don’t understand the bit where you get to the game itself, just head to chrome://network-error/-106

    It emulates being offline without going through the whole procedure.

  5. this info was horrible. Thanks for NOTHING!!! this isnt the end…. ILLBEBACK!!!1

  6. just do chrome://dino and it’ll go to that screen

  7. Sampson Smith says

    Simpler way to get to the game:

    visit this page in chrome:


    DONE 🙂

  8. wow!

  9. BigJeffComputer says

    Does this work on the online version? I saw a online one a day earlier.

  10. How do I stop this, so the dino dies again, please.

  11. How to undo the hack, though?

  12. When I press the mobile button, the picture it shows up on step 3 is not there;-; I cri.

  13. SuperDurpPig says

    really though how do you undo it?

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