How to download YouTube playlist through IDM


There are plenty of software , browsers extension and plugins which allow you to download video file from the YouTube and you can easily download any kind of a video file from YouTube but if you want to download the whole playlist then most of us would go to each video and download each individual video one by one but this could going to take a plenty of time if there are hundreds of video , so to make this task more easy in this tutorial i will show you how to extract all the URL of the videos of a YouTube Playlist and then how to use that URL in downloading complete playlist in one Go.

Downloading YouTube Playlist through IDM

IDM is the most popular download manager which allow you to capture and download files over the internet, we can also download videos from the YouTube using internet download manager but internet download manager doesn’t provide you feature to download the YouTube playlist, so let see how to download the whole YouTube Playlist through IDM in one click, please follow the below steps.

1.) Go to YouTube and then proceed to the playlist which you want to download and then copy the URL of the playlist, see below link for more details.

copy the URL of the playlist

2.) Click on the below URL to open the website where we extract all the URL of the videos.

3.) You would see a option there to paste your playlist URL and after pasting the URL, You would see a bunch of text in below window, see below image for more details.

add playlist URL and then copy all the links

4.)Copy all the text and save it in the notepad, Now open your IDM and click on Tasks then click on import and then finally choose from text file , see below image for more details.

import from text file in IDM

Now all the links are in IDM and it will show video for each link, see below image for more details.

all videos in IDM

That’s it for today post i hope you would learn how to download the YouTube playlist in a single click, you can also try other feature of the website like to download the whole YouTube channel, i didn’t tried but you can if you want to. I hope you like my post if you have any query related to this post please leave a comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and my social networking pages

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  1. Hi very useful simple tips, Thank you very much.
    Watch this video once about this topic

  2. Hi Sudhir,

    Very nice article and useful information. However, there is one more way through which this can be done … collectyoutube,com .

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