How to extract hidden emails of your Facebook friends


Facebook as we all know is the most popular social networking website all over the world and recently a year ago they start providing a default Facebook email ID to all the user so any one who will email to that Facebook Email ID that will come as message to that user and this post is all about how to get all the hidden email ID that associated with that user, as we all know that we required a email to sign up with Facebook and user have rights to change the security setting of Facebook so no one can able to view the user email ID but in this post we would see how to get that hidden email ID with the help of the yahoo, so follow the below steps.

Get hidden email ID of the Facebook users

1.) Log in to yahoo by going to the link

2.) Open the contacts by clicking on the contact icon see below image for more details.

open contacts in yahoo

3.)A new page gets opened in that page you will see a option to import contacts ,click on that option, see below picture for more details.

import contacts from facebook

4.)After clicking on import contacts you will see various option import contacts from various services like Facebook, Google and many other so we need to get the hidden email from Facebook so click on the import contacts from Facebook, see below picture for more details.

import contacts from facebook in yahoo

5.) After clicking upon the import contact from Facebook you need authenticate or allow yahoo to talk with Facebook and for that you need to log in Facebook using your Facebook credentials.

6.) Once it authenticate it start importing all hidden email ID of your friends from Facebook, see below image .

importing contacts from facebook

7.) You can look at all the emails that you have imported from Facebook by clicking on the left hand side pane , see below image for details.

open facebook import contacts in yahoo

That’s all about on getting or fetching all the hidden email from Facebook to yahoo and if you want to delete all the emails ID that you have imported from Facebook then you need to follow the 6th step and then select all contacts and click on delete, see below image for more details.

delete imported contact from facebook

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