How to get back to the first message that you have sent to your friend on facebook


Facebook is popular social networking website and recently they have introduced new separate messaging website which is and i think they probably used it for their android application messenger, i personally don’t like few things in Facebook messaging one is the search functionality and other one is difficulty in track backing the old messages, if you had done lots of chatting with your friend then to track back the old message we need to scroll up which take lot time to reach the first message so in today post i will show you a little trick that would help to track back the first message that we have sent to our friend over Facebook with just few clicks.

Track Back to the first message that sent over facebook messenger

To track to the first message in Facebook we have user both mobile and desktop sites, please follow the below steps.

1.) Now log in mobile version of the Facebook via going at, once logged in go the chat window of your friend, see below picture for more details.
mobile facebook chat window

2.) In top of the chat window you would see a link to view old message, right click on the view old messages and open it in a new tab, see below image.

open the old message in new window

3.) In that new tab copy the URL from address bar and paste it on the notepad, see below image how the URL would look like.

old message URL

4.) In above URL you can see start=7 this 7 is the number of text message shown in one window, so we need to replace this number with total number of messages and to find the total number of messages go to desktop version of the Facebook via logging at, once you logged in then go the chat window of your friend, In that window scroll up and there you will a text Loading older message and beside that text you will see the total number of message, see below image for more details.

note down the number of message in facebook

5.) We have the total number of message now we need to change the start=7 of URL to start=3355 and paste it in the Facebook and hit enter.

6.) Now few times click on the View old messages and you will back to the first message that u had sent to your friend.

That’s it now we have reached to the first message that we have sent to our friend.I hope you like my this post if you have any query related to this post please leave comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and social networking pages.

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