How to view all YouTube comments without playing video


YouTube is world most famous video content website which backed by the Google, I personally like YouTube much more than the Google Plus. All over the world people browse YouTube and YouTube start providing many new features to the user like recently Google have introduced offline feature in YouTube which allow user to save YouTube video locally on YouTube, user can watch it later any time without internet connection and some feature of YouTube features are hidden from the user one of the feature YouTube have that user can play game on YouTube video while your video is getting buffer, similar to this hidden feature today in my post i am going to talk about the one more simple feature which allow any user to view all the YouTube comments without loading the video, if you are person who like to read the comment like me then definitely you will like this simple trick, so let see how to view all YouTube comment.

View all youtube comment without loading video

It is very simple trick, you just need here a YouTube video ID so please follow all the steps.

1.) Go to the YouTube and visit the YouTube video whose ID you need.

2.) Once you opened that video, you would need to find the ID of that video which you will find in the URL of the video, see below image for more details.

youtube URL

The ID of the YouTube is marked in the oval, as you can see in the above image the ID is 8HzXtzSqF2c .

3.) Now we have the ID we just need to append this ID to the end of the new URL which is given below, see below.

so the new structure would be like

4.) The final step is just copy the new URL structure and paste it in the address bar of the browser and hit enter, see below image for more details.

the new commend youtube URL structure

That’s all about the post i hope you like the post if you have any query related to the post please comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and social networking pages.


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