Sublime Text Editor Vs Eclipse IDE for salesforce development


If you are a salesforce developer then probably you have start development with eclipse IDE , i am like you all i also start development with eclipse IDE and one of the reason was that i was familiar with it, i used eclipse for java development but as i move ahead in development i came to knew about that we can configure our sublime text editor to use it for development, In this post we are going to discuss which IDE is best and easy to use for development, lets see all the points.

Sublime Configuration Vs Eclipse Configuration

it is little bit difficult to configure both eclipse and sublime text editor , you need a correct version of eclipse and java to make sure the eclipse work correctly and after installing java, you need to install IDE package in eclipse while on the other hand in sublime text editor you need to install mavensmate package which is little bit difficult for user to install if you don’t have any knowledge of mavensmate,see below links on how to configure both.

configure our sublime text editor to use it for development

Configure eclipse IDE to use it development

The main difference between configuration of sublime text editor and eclipse IDE is that eclipse required a specific version of java while on the hand to configure sublime text editor we don’t require java.

Winner : Tie.
Memory Consumption of sublime Vs Memory Consumption of eclipse

If we talked about memory consumption of both IDE then  sublime text editor is the clear winner, it take around 20 MB to 50 MB memory space , see below image for task manager for the sublime text editor.

sublime memory consumption

While on the other hand eclipse and java take 10 times more memory space than sublime text editor , you can see the below image of java memory consumption in task manager.

eclipse and java memory consumption

Winner : sublime text editor.
Sublime IDE features Vs Eclipse IDE features 

1.) Sublime text editor provide functionality of auto completion of visualforce tags while this feature in not available in the eclipse but you can download  separate jar file to the eclipse by which you can have the auto completion of visualforce tags.

2.)Eclipse have external themes that you can apply to it but in comparison to the sublime text editor themes it comparatively low.

3.) Sublime text editor have so many plugins/extension that increase the functionality of sublime text editor like personally i use trailing space which delete all the blank space from code and many other and many more are there while on the other hand eclipse doesn’t have much plugin/extension.

4.)Both sublime and eclipse have standard feature of deploying , testing and view log but for sublime text editor this feature work in separate browser instead of the same window as in eclipse.

5.)You can view the object and its fields a.k.a metadata in the eclipse but not available

Winner : sublime text editor.
Sublime IDE speed Vs Eclipse IDE speed 

1.) If you save the code in sublime text editor then some time it may take longer to save the changes on server as compared to the eclipse .

2.)In sublime Particular File get refreshed from server very fast as compared to the eclipse.

Winner : Tie.

This is all folks if you have used both and found any advantage of one IDE over other do mention it in the comments and if you have not used sublime text editor yet then give it a try you would sure like it,if you have any query regarding this post you can leave a comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and social networking pages.

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