Open Command Prompt In full Screen In Windows 7,8 and 8.1


Command prompt is also called disk operating system a.k.a DOS, I remembered when I used windows XP I frequently used command prompt to create folders and used it to run the java and c++ code thorug it.In windows XP I was able to view the command prompt in full screen by just hitting ALT+Enter but after releasing of windows 7 and other onward operating system they stop providing you the functionality to open the command prompt in full screen window so in today i would show three ways by using it you can view command prompt in full screen window,So lets see the those simple tricks.

Using WMIC Command

There are few commands are available that if we run those commands on CMD then that allow us to view command prompt to open in full screen mode and one of the command is the WMIC.

Open your command prompt and write WMIC and hit enter, see the below screen for more details.

wmic to open cmd in full screen window

After hitting entering click on maximize button to open up command prompt in full screen window once you opened up it in the full screen after that type the command exit in CMD and hit enter to get out of the CLI folder..

Using Mode Command
As we did in the first method similar to it, we have another command which is Mode 800 to open up command prompt in full screen, so enter the command mode 800 in it and then hit enter, It would open up you command prompt in full screen window.

Changing the height and width of Command Prompt
There are options available in command prompt by changing those option we can change font of the color, change the background color of the command prompt and also change the height and width of the command prompt, to access the customization option click on the command prompt icon which on the left side of the top most, see the below screen for more details.

change propetries of command prompt

After clicking on the property option you would see a small screen over there which allow you to change the width and height of the command prompt,Once you changed the height and width of the command prompt the next when you open it then it would open with screen size that you have mention in CMD property, See below screen for more detail.

change the properties of CMD

So this is all about opening a command prompt in full screen window in operating system like window 8, window 7, I hope you like this post if you have any query related to this post please post a query below in comment section i would like to answer it and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog,social networking account you can also look at other posts from the below section

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