Tab Discarding in Microsoft Edge : A Memory-Saving Feature


As in google chrome the Microsoft edge also does have the tab discarding feature but this feature doesn’t works automatically, if you are using google chrome from long time then you may aware that if you leave a tab open for longer time then chrome have the functionality which discard the tab and save memory space, this simply means it reduce the memory consumption of that tab but tab will not remain completely active but once you click on that tab it become active again, similar kind of feature also Microsoft edge do offer but there is catch which is it doesn’t automatically discard the tab . I usually have a habit to keep my so many tabs remain open on my browser, soĀ  when i close and open my browser again, I see my tabs over there, this used to work fine on google chrome but when i switch too Microsoft edge it keeps the tab active in browser whole time which takes lot of memory space. I started digging more about this when few days ago my system got hanged i later found on investigation that my Edge browser is taking a lot of memory, so the time when i open my browser it start hanging, so how we can still keep all our tabs in edge browser and don’t want it to consume a lot of space of my RAM, this can be achievable but you need that newer version of windows 10 and a newer version of edge browser, the browser gets updated automatically when you update the windows 10. The newer edge browser is available with the newer Windows Insider Build 15007. The feature that you will get once you get the updates is “set tabs aside“, this feature allow you to keep your open tabs to aside when you not need them currently and this is the feature which will reduce the memory consumption of a tab, see below how to do that.


How to aside tabs in Microsoft edge

if you have the newer version of windows then you will surely have the Microsoft edge browser newer version, so open your browser window and on the top most left corner you will see an option to keep aside all open tabs, see below picture for more details.

Drawback of this feature

Well it’s preety awesome feature but this feature does have couples of major drawbacks which probably Microsoft fix them in latest updates.

  • Feature doesn’t work automatically like in google chrome, my suggestion would be if a tab no longer active from long time then Microsoft aside tab automatically if this happened then it will be awesome feature edge will have and it will surely a feature which gives browser an edge šŸ˜€ on other browsers.
  • You can’t aside individual tabs, so all the tabs get aside automatically when you click on that button, so the workaround for that is to aside all the tabs then open the aside windows and click on those individual site which you need them right now.

This what my thought on switching from chrome to edge browser, one more important aspect i keep in my mind while switching to edge is that, using edge browser will help your laptop battery to last longer and as we all know the battery life start degrading as time spend, so hope edge also give us a better battery life. Let me know in comments what you think about switching to edge from your fav browser and what extension do you miss.

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