How To Create PDF Documents and E-books From Wikipedia Articles

Most people surf Internet for looking articles on specific topic , the most reliable information are provided by the wikipedia , all the information that are available on wikipedia are free to access .I said all the information on wikipedia is almost reliable because there some standards should maintain to write the articles on wikipedia like providing citation and many other things.Wikipedia is access by almost every users in the world who use internet ,Continue Reading

How To Add Programs To Startup Folder In Window 8

In my last post i shown how to  speed up the computer by disabling the some startup programs but some time you need some important programs to run on start up , so in that case you remain that programs enable to start on window start up.But what will happen when some programs don’t have any option to run them on startup in that case you have to manually add those programs to run onContinue Reading

How To Speed Up Your Computer Ultimate Guide

Some time people get upset by the low performance of the computers ,computer start taking so much time in responding to your query ,suppose you want to open any folder the folder will open after 2 or 3 minutes.So there can be many factors that are behind to slow down your personal computers.Computers don’t maintain itself automatically ,actually you are the one who is responsible for slow down of your computers,you have to maintain yourContinue Reading

How To Copy Text And Images From A Secured PDF File

In my last tutorial i shown you how to integrate facebook messenger to firefox in today tutorial i will show you how to copy text and images from secured PDF documents as we all know that it is not possible to copy the text and images from digital signed secured PDF to copy the text .If you remember last time i shown you how you can create your own PDF with Microsoft word and howContinue Reading

How To Open UnKnown Extenstion Files

In today tutorial i will showed you how to opened a unknown extension files.If you are a new user or you don’t have any knowledge about extension then you may encounter this problem of how to open a unknown extension files.So i will showed you in today tutorial how to tackle this problem. Open File Using Right Click If you know the extension of the file then right click on the file and click onContinue Reading

How to Create PDF In Just Three Easy Steps

Last time i show you how to automatically make list music ,file ,videos and other things .So let’s today create a PDF file using Microsoft word.Many time you are required to create PDF file for your ebooks and for some academics works.So you can easily make a PDF file.So lets see how to do that… 1.)Go to Run(Winkey+R for shortcut) and write Winword in location. 2.)Now write your content in Microsoft word as  you normallyContinue Reading

Automatically making a list of movies, music and pictures

Today i will show you how to make a list of all the music,pictures and movies in a directory .it will be very help full for those who have large numbr of music files in a folder so there are two methods of making list by a freeware utility and another one using batch file let see both the methods. Creating A List Automatically Using Freeware Utility 1.) First download this utility from here .Continue Reading

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