How to sync Facebook Calendar with Google Calendar

Facebook is the most popular social networking website and use by many people to be remain in contact with there friends or to make new friends online . Facebook have many great features and i personally like facebook calendar feature which store information that when is your friend birthday or upcoming events , it would be great if we can import this facebook calendar to our google calendar and then we can use our googleContinue Reading

Facebook Like Clickjacking Script

What is clickjacking ? So let start our discussion what is clickjacking  ,a clickjacking takes the form of embedded code or script that can execute without the user’s knowledge, such as clicking on a button that appears to perform another function.I will show you how to make a clickjacking blog using blogger platform and show you how clickjacking work.We will make Facebook clickjacking like.So let’s start. How clickjacking works The like button is made hiddenContinue Reading

How To Make Facebook Profile Picture Not Clickable

In my the last post i shown you a trick by using that trick you can view or enlarge the not clickable facebook profile picture and also some days ago i shown you more security option that are provide by the facebook like hiding facebook friends list from the public  and another post on hide your facebook status from the certain people in today post i will show you one more security option that isContinue Reading

Send Unlimited Message To Unknown People On Facebook

Last time i shown you how to apply facebook style or theme to your default facebook account .In today post i will show how to misuse some facebook feature to send unlimited message on facebook to unknown.Facebook is most popular social networking website ,some people are always try to find out loop holes in it , so people found a new loop hole in facebook or we can said that , we can misuse aContinue Reading

Manage And Set Admin Roles For Facebook Pages

Recently  facebook launch a new feature for facebook called open graph search , this is advanced search engine for facebook that lets people to do advanced search on facebook as we search in Google or and other search engine and Few months ago facebook also launch a feature for facebook pages , using this feature you can add more people for admins role to your page.This features help a lot to the peoples who haveContinue Reading

How To Stop People From Tagging You In Photos On Facebook

In last of my few tech tutorial i tell you about facebook and how to manage your facebook account like i tell how to go online for selected people on facebook and same time remain offline for selected people similar to this in this tutorial i will show you how not to allow to people to tag you on there photo’s when you have so many friends on facebook on then its become difficult toContinue Reading

Go Offline For Certain People On Facebook Chat

In my last tutorial on facebook privacy i told you how to hide your facebook status from certain people similar to previous tutorial in this tutorial i show you how to go offline on facebook chat for certain people , its a great option in which you will be seen offline by your some friends and for some friends you will be seen online similarly to this i shown you how to see who isContinue Reading

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