How to check that your sent email by Gmail have been read or not

Gmail is one of the leading email service provider in the world and it’s have a lots of feature that make it one of the best email service provider in the world , I have also posted a post in which I have shown that  how can we undo the sent email using Gmail but still Gmail lack in one feature , you may be thinking what’s that feature that Gmail lack , have youContinue Reading

How to save email of gmail as PDF in android

In this 21st century we all have at least one email id through that email id we communicate to other people mainly for business purpose and some of us also might have email id over Gmail , Gmail is the one of the leading email service provider in the world which have many best features , one of the features I already told you in my previous post on how to undo sent email inContinue Reading

How to setup undo sent email feature in the Gmail

In this world every one do have at least  one email account and in the life time many mail accounts , I have more than 5 active email accounts with different different mail service provider but i most like gmail which is safe and also do provide many features , there is one feature in gmail which rarely known to the people and it is the that you can undo the email that you haveContinue Reading

How To Send Free SMS With Gmail

In today tutorial i will going tell about the new SMS services started by can easily send SMS to any one in the world to any mobile which is supported mobile operators for SMS Chat in Gmail.It is very easy to send a SMS using it you just need to enter the number and type your message and hit enter. SMS Credit In Chat SMS credit is an allocation of SMS (text messages) thatContinue Reading