Shows Tabs Vertically In Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox and google chrome are the most popular web browser in the world  there are so many peoples in the world that use both browser for browsing the web but the problem with them is the management of the tabs , some time it become very difficult to manage all the open tabs if there is so many open tabs you could not able to figure out which tab is where and how toContinue Reading

How to Return Back To Old Style New Tab Page In Google Chrome

Google chrome updated to latest version , which includes many new features like New Tab page style for google chrome on which its include google search in the middle and all the most visited tabs below and newest feature which allow user to opened the recently closed tabs in google chrome .The New Tab feature of google chrome make google chrome to start slow , if you are on slow connection then it take someContinue Reading

How To Open Recently Closed Tabs In Google Chrome

Google Chrome recently updated to its latest version with some new features like completely new design of Google Chrome tab page , restoring the recently closed tabs in google chrome and many more.The option to opened recently closed tabs wasn’t officially in the google chrome but now it is officially introduced in google chrome.Many features are introduced in the newest version of google chrome and some old features are already there in google chrome whichContinue Reading

How To View Saved Passwords In Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the most use web browser in world , both provides you a functionality to saved passwords for websites ,Once you enter your passwords in website it automatically pop up a option that you want to saved password for this website or not , if you click on yes then your password will saved in your browser.There might be chance that you forget your password , but still it isContinue Reading

Stop YouTube Videos from Automatically Playing

Last time in my post i shown you how to download youtube music from youtube video. In today post i will going to show you how to stop automatic playing of video.When we visit youtube and click on any video link the video started automatically that is very good feature we need it to start automatically but some time when we open two link of youtube then both the video start automatically and do bufferingContinue Reading

How To Create Multiple Profiles In Google Chrome Browser

Last week i show you how to tweak Google chrome for very high speed today i will show you about the new features of the Google chome beta.Google has just released the latest beta version (Google Chrome Beta 16) of Google chrome.The latest version included many new features .One of the new feature is to create and switch between multiple profiles.You can download the latest version of the Google chrome beta from the below link.Continue Reading

Tweaking Google Chrome For Very High Speed

How To Speed Up Google Chrome We already know that google chrome is very high speed browser that doesn’t need any more tweaks but there are some tweaks that speed up your google chrome .So with the help of this tweak you can browse at blazing speed. 1.)Clean Up Browser When you browse website the data of website are also store on local storage on your local disk .So after a some time cache sizeContinue Reading

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