How to Create Animated GIF Image Using Freeware Tools

If  you are amazed to see images that are animated in nature and similar to videos but in reality they are not videos but its just a simple clip of a video which is in format of images and that special kind of images are called “GIF” images or some time people in layman language called it as animated images , so in today post we see how to create such kind of images usingContinue Reading

Compress or Reduce The Size of Pictures Without loosing Any Picture Quality

When you take pictures or download any picture then it might be of very large size around 4 to 5 MB and problem might arrive when you want to upload those pictures to a website which only allow picture to be uploaded of a limited size , few days ago I have written a post on how to create PDF from multiple images and came across the problem how can I compress or reduce the sizeContinue Reading

How To Extract/Copy Text From Image

In my last tutorial i shown you how to extract or copy text and images from PDF file now in this tutorial i will show you how to extract or copy text from images it is very easy the concept of extracting text and images are based upon OCR (Optical character recognition) some time you need it to copy the text from images so i will show two methods using both the methods you canContinue Reading