How To Read Non English Words In CSV Format

Data loader is standalone application which we can use to export and import the data from salesforce, we can easily import any csv file in salesforce but sometime we need to export a kind data from salesforce that contain non English characters and after exporting that data , we cannot view it properly because it would show a alien kind of words like أسÙ, to properly export the data from salesforce through data loader weContinue Reading

How to convert presentation files to image files

Microsoft office provide you bunch of software to use for business purpose but this software is not available on all the operating system platforms so if you are using PowerPoint then it is really become difficult to deal with PowerPoint on other operating system platform because you can’t able to open them in that case you need a way to extract all the images from PowerPoint slides , if you remember I also shown inContinue Reading

Import Window live Calendar To Google Calendar

Microsoft windows 8 used by many people in the world it have a default application called calendar  which record all the events that created by you  like birthday and many other things or if you have account on windows live/outlook then its calendar records information about events like birthday or any any event did you had created on the on the calendar .We can associate window live account with  facebook , linkedin  so all theContinue Reading

How To Protect Office Documents In Office 2013

If you remember i shown you how to create a PDF file in just three easy steps now i am going to show you how to protect your files and documents in office 2013 .Some time you need to protect your files and documents from being copy ,edited and being read by some one else without your permission.In this my tutorial you can protect any of your files included PDF files,word document, XPS ,excel andContinue Reading