How To Improve And Change Audio Quality In VLC Media Player

 VLC media player is the most popular media player all over the world  ,  it is free and it provides lot of features than any other media player  and some time people even don’t know about all the features that provided by the VLC media player .The most exciting feature that VLC media player provide that we can zoom videos in the VLC media player and one feature is too play youtube videos in theContinue Reading

How To Lock Files And Folder Using Winrar

If you have one computer in your home then might be your computer is shared by others member of your home , so some time you want that your files and folder should not be accessed by other members .In that case you have to lock your folders and files .You can make your folder and files password protected so if some one try to open it first it will ask password to open it.IfContinue Reading

How To Create PDF Documents and E-books From Wikipedia Articles

Most people surf Internet for looking articles on specific topic , the most reliable information are provided by the wikipedia , all the information that are available on wikipedia are free to access .I said all the information on wikipedia is almost reliable because there some standards should maintain to write the articles on wikipedia like providing citation and many other things.Wikipedia is access by almost every users in the world who use internet ,Continue Reading

How To Check Your Laptop Temperature

Last time i shown you how to connect laptop from mobile to laptop ,today i will show you how laptop become unresponsiveness .If you have a laptop then you may some time notice that your laptop get heated so much and become unresponsiveness, in that situation it is better to shutdown or turn off your laptop if you don’t do this it will happen automatically .So whenever laptop get heated so much it automatically turnContinue Reading

How To Access Internet From PC Using Mobile As Modem

Nowadays our mobile are replacing our need of personal computer’s we can do anything on our mobiles from chatting to browsing anything we like ,but still we need our personal computer most of us can’t purchase costly mobile or mobile can’t do many of the things  in today post i will show you how to connect to internet in personal computer using your mobile which have activated 3g or 2g services.We need just need someContinue Reading

How To Share Your Screen Onine Easily Without Using Any Software

 Now the screen sharing has became very easier. You can share your desktop screen video directly form browser without installing any separate software or add-on. Commonly we use software’s like TeamViewer,  LogMeIn, etc.. for sharing our desktop online. But now it was changed, we can stream our desktop video directly from browser without installing any addons. This will be helpful to show and express your problem to the technician easily. How To Share Your ScreenContinue Reading