How to officially use WhatsApp on a PC

There are lots of messenger application are available on you smart phone and one of the most famous is the whatsapp , it is recently bought by the facebook and so we are all hoping some big changes that are going to come on whatsapp and now that big change that whatsapp bring on the whatsapp is that now you can officially use whatsapp on your personal computer(PC) , laptop and desktop and now mightContinue Reading

How To Access Internet From PC Using Mobile As Modem

Nowadays our mobile are replacing our need of personal computer’s we can do anything on our mobiles from chatting to browsing anything we like ,but still we need our personal computer most of us can’t purchase costly mobile or mobile can’t do many of the things  in today post i will show you how to connect to internet in personal computer using your mobile which have activated 3g or 2g services.We need just need someContinue Reading