Tweaking Mozilla Firefox For Very High Speed Browsing

In the Last year i posted a post on how to speed up Mozilla Firefox for very high speed browsing this tweak are still valid for the Mozilla Firefox .In today tutorial i will show more tweak that you can do to tweak your Mozilla Firefox for very high speed browsing.So before look at these tweaks let me give a brief review about my last year post . 1.)To increase the browsing speed of theContinue Reading

Watch YouTube Videos Without Lag On Firefox

Watching videos on youtube on low bandwidth is so much annoying we have to wait for complete buffering but when we have sufficient bandwidth and videos on youtube lag we put blame to youtube for there service but that’s not true , the main reason behind the lag of youtube videos is the Firefox web browser we are using.There is no doubt about how great firefox web browser is but some time we need toContinue Reading

How To Download YouTube Video And YouTube Music In Mozilla Firefox

YouTube used by every one all over the world it is the most famous video directory website where you find lots of videos , i my self created many video tutorials so all of us use it but youtube doesn’t provide many important functionality like how to stop youtube videos from auto playing in browser and how to zoom youtube videos ,Similarly youtube doesn’t allow us to download youtube video or youtube music we haveContinue Reading

Stop YouTube Videos from Automatically Playing

Last time in my post i shown you how to download youtube music from youtube video. In today post i will going to show you how to stop automatic playing of video.When we visit youtube and click on any video link the video started automatically that is very good feature we need it to start automatically but some time when we open two link of youtube then both the video start automatically and do bufferingContinue Reading

Firefox Address Bar Shortcuts

Most of the people used Mozilla Firefox as there primary web browser ,i also liked it in my last post i show you how to tweak your Firefox to open search result in a new tab.Today in my post i show you some handy tips that can save your lot of time.When you type some thing in address bar a drop down list will appear with some websites name including your history and bookmark websiteContinue Reading

How To Open Search Results From Firefox Search Bar In New Tab

So It was so long when i last post tweaking mozilla Firefox for high speed .Today in my post i show you one more way to tweak Firefox , this tweak to open your search bar result in new tab by default search bar result open in same tab.So without wasting time let see how to do that. 1.)First in Address bar enter about:config and hit enter.If any message appear like that you will beContinue Reading

How To Save WebPage As PDF In Mozilla Firefox

Last time i show you how to create multiple profile in Mozilla Firefox. Today i show you how to save a web page as a PDF.When you visit any website and you like any information on it.You will most probably like to bookmark that page so that you can read later it.Now today i will show you another method by it you can able to download the web page that you like as PDF format.Continue Reading

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