How To Save WebPage As PDF In Mozilla Firefox

Last time i show you how to create multiple profile in Mozilla Firefox. Today i show you how to save a web page as a PDF.When you visit any website and you like any information on it.You will most probably like to bookmark that page so that you can read later it.Now today i will show you another method by it you can able to download the web page that you like as PDF format.Continue Reading

How To Create Restore Point In Window 7

Before tweaking to your windows it is necessary to make a restore point first.So Creating a restore point is always beneficial when you are going to do some thing that make you in trouble.So it is necessary to make a restore point first before doing some changes in the how to make a restore point let see.1.)Right Click on Computer and click on properties. 2.)Computer properties window will open after that click on AdvancesContinue Reading

How to Create PDF In Just Three Easy Steps

Last time i show you how to automatically make list music ,file ,videos and other things .So let’s today create a PDF file using Microsoft word.Many time you are required to create PDF file for your ebooks and for some academics works.So you can easily make a PDF file.So lets see how to do that… 1.)Go to Run(Winkey+R for shortcut) and write Winword in location. 2.)Now write your content in Microsoft word as  you normallyContinue Reading

All Time Great Window 7 Shortcuts

Window 7 is the greatest windows platform ever launch by Microsoft if you are using windows 7 then you will definitely found that it much more stable ,flexible as compared to other window platform.Windows is entirely functional without a mouse cursor, and indeed many features can be accessed much faster through the use of keyboard shortcuts.Lets see what are these shortcuts that enhanced the capabilities of window 7 and how many of you know this.Continue Reading

How To Create Con Folder In Windows

Did you ever try to make a folder with name “con” in windows and you will found that you can’t create folder as you create others folder.So the question now arises why we can’t able to create that folder .The answer of this because “con” was basically use in old DOS versions for “Console” and now you will ask me then how to create this folder than let see how to do that….. Step 1:Continue Reading

Best Free Alternatives To Windows Task Manager

In windows people frequently use task manager to know which services and process running and how much space is taken by the process.People also use task manager to end up some process which is not responding, Task manager can easily accessed by using ctrl+shift+esc and ctrl+alt+del.Although task manager can provide lots of information about services and processes ,but still there are many other tools that we can use alternative to the task manager. Process ExplorerContinue Reading

Find The Install Time And Date of Windows

If you are using window and you want to know when you had installed windows to your system and when you last login to your system then you can  find the installation time and date of windows by just  enter a simple command in command prompt.So lets see how to do that. 1. )  Go to start menu and open CMD or you also use the command winkey+r to open it directly. 2.) After thatContinue Reading

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