How to save email of gmail as PDF in android

In this 21st century we all have at least one email id through that email id we communicate to other people mainly for business purpose and some of us also might have email id over Gmail , Gmail is the one of the leading email service provider in the world which have many best features , one of the features I already told you in my previous post on how to undo sent email inContinue Reading

Use Mozilla Firefox To Save WebPage As PDF In Android

Mozilla firefox is one of the most popular browser in the world and it also getting popular day by day on android  operating system .Mozilla firefox on android have many extra features than mozilla firefox for windows like it do have a feature of reading mode with help of it you can easily read any web pages and even you can change the fonts of web pages as per you need  but this is notContinue Reading

How To Save WebPages As PDF In Google Chrome

Google chrome is very popular web browser and many of us use google chrome as there default browser and google provide lots of extension to increase the capabilities of its browser , by default there is feature in google chrome that hardly people know about it and that is we can save our webpage as in PDF format without need of any extension or driver , similar to this kind of post once i alsoContinue Reading

How To Create PDF Document From Multiple Images

In my previous tutorials i had shown you how to save  particular  web page in PDF format  .In today tutorial i will show you how to create PDF document using images . it will be helpful if do you have multiple images and you want to create a PDF files from all those images .In this tutorial i will show you many ways by which we can do this , don’t worry we don’t useContinue Reading

How To Create PDF Documents and E-books From Wikipedia Articles

Most people surf Internet for looking articles on specific topic , the most reliable information are provided by the wikipedia , all the information that are available on wikipedia are free to access .I said all the information on wikipedia is almost reliable because there some standards should maintain to write the articles on wikipedia like providing citation and many other things.Wikipedia is access by almost every users in the world who use internet ,Continue Reading

How To Protect Office Documents In Office 2013

If you remember i shown you how to create a PDF file in just three easy steps now i am going to show you how to protect your files and documents in office 2013 .Some time you need to protect your files and documents from being copy ,edited and being read by some one else without your permission.In this my tutorial you can protect any of your files included PDF files,word document, XPS ,excel andContinue Reading

How To Copy Text And Images From A Secured PDF File

In my last tutorial i shown you how to integrate facebook messenger to firefox in today tutorial i will show you how to copy text and images from secured PDF documents as we all know that it is not possible to copy the text and images from digital signed secured PDF to copy the text .If you remember last time i shown you how you can create your own PDF with Microsoft word and howContinue Reading