How To Save Webpage As PDF In Any browser

Few day ago in my tutorial i told you about how to save any web page as PDF file in mozilla Firefox.Today in my tutorial i will going to tell you how to save any web page as PDF in any web browser. It s very easy and simple method it take only few seconds to save a webpage as PDF.This method is tested in almost every browser and ts working fine so you canContinue Reading

How To Save WebPage As PDF In Mozilla Firefox

Last time i show you how to create multiple profile in Mozilla Firefox. Today i show you how to save a web page as a PDF.When you visit any website and you like any information on it.You will most probably like to bookmark that page so that you can read later it.Now today i will show you another method by it you can able to download the web page that you like as PDF format.Continue Reading

How to Create PDF In Just Three Easy Steps

Last time i show you how to automatically make list music ,file ,videos and other things .So let’s today create a PDF file using Microsoft word.Many time you are required to create PDF file for your ebooks and for some academics works.So you can easily make a PDF file.So lets see how to do that… 1.)Go to Run(Winkey+R for shortcut) and write Winword in location. 2.)Now write your content in Microsoft word as  you normallyContinue Reading