How to create a Web to Lead form on salesforce

Salesforce have ‘lead’ as standard object which is one of the most used object over the salesforce , lead object is mostly used in product based application so consider you have your own website and you want to capture the leads directly from your website in that case you need to generate web to lead form and then fill the form in your website and then a lead would generate in the salesforce , soContinue Reading

Setting default record types for the Chatter profiles

If you are salesforce developer then you are fully aware of record type and why they are used , today I encounter a situation where I want to remove all the record type from particular object and to assigned master layout back to that object again , so to remove record type I go to the particular record type and disable or inactive it but I was not able to disable or inactive that record typeContinue Reading

What is Getter and Setter function in salesforce

if you are programmer then probably you might have heard about the getter and setter methods in class but if you are new in programming language then might be you never heard about it, So talking in the context of the salesforce getter and setter methods syntax are borrowed from both java and .NET languages but what actually are getter and setter methods, In general or layman language if we talked about then This methodContinue Reading

How to write a simple apex trigger in salesforce

I have started writing on salesforce tutorials and written down some tutorials on it as part of tutorial in today post i am going to tell you how to write a simple apex trigger in salesforce , to write my trigger i will use eclipse IDE but you can use any other way look at my post on how to write codes in salesforce , so before starting how to write a apex trigger itContinue Reading

Three Best Ways to Write Code in Salesforce

I have already written two post on salesforce about how to create a developer account in salesforce and how to use eclipse IDE  in salesforce , In today post i will show you three ways of writing the apex classes , trigger , test class and visualforce pages in salesforce , so lets see how to write code. Writing apex classes , trigger , test class and visualforce pages using Eclipse IDE As I told youContinue Reading

How to use Eclipse IDE to do coding in salesforce

In my last post i talked about cloud computing and how cloud computing is nowadays used for CRM purpose and we also talked about salesforce is the most use cloud computing technology for CRM purposes and also shown you how to create developer account on the salesforce ,In today post we will see how to use eclipse IDE for writing code like apex,visualforce and classes(Extension) for salesforce , so lets how to use it .Continue Reading