How to get back to the first message that you have sent to your friend on facebook

Facebook is popular social networking website and recently they have introduced new separate messaging website which is and i think they probably used it for their android application messenger, i personally don’t like few things in Facebook messaging one is the search functionality and other one is difficulty in track backing the old messages, if you had done lots of chatting with your friend then to track back the old message we need toContinue Reading

How to view all YouTube comments without playing video

YouTube is world most famous video content website which backed by the Google, I personally like YouTube much more than the Google Plus. All over the world people browse YouTube and YouTube start providing many new features to the user like recently Google have introduced offline feature in YouTube which allow user to save YouTube video locally on YouTube, user can watch it later any time without internet connection and some feature of YouTube featuresContinue Reading

Backup and Download Your Orkut Data

Ten years ago orkut was launch and it become so popular in some countries in between years 2007 to 2010 and after that it start declining and people had started to shift from orkut to facebook , there are many reason of it why orkut decline , it might be of because of 1.)Lack of privacy 2.)GIF images are alllow in orkut scrap pages which increase the size of web pages and that take moreContinue Reading

See Pending Friend Requests you’ve Sent on Facebook

Facebook engineers are doing many changes to facebook , recently they have introduced a new feature on facebook by it you can view to whom you have sent facebook friend requests , some time we forget to whom we have sent friend request and when that person don’t accept your friend request and after 4 or 5 more cases like this you will get penalize by facebook and facebook put restriction on your account likeContinue Reading

Facebook Force Share-Content Locker

Facebook force share viral script is a script which force user to share video before allow user to see the content and this script can be use on blogger or any HTML pages , if you remember i wrote a post about  facebook like clickjacking script in that post i shown you how people get likes on there page by executing a script in background and when you open any web page , the scriptContinue Reading