Go Offline For Certain People On Facebook Chat

In my last tutorial on facebook privacy i told you how to hide your facebook status from certain people similar to previous tutorial in this tutorial i show you how to go offline on facebook chat for certain people , its a great option in which you will be seen offline by your some friends and for some friends you will be seen online similarly to this i shown you how to see who isContinue Reading

How To Hide Your Facebook Status Updates From Some Peoples

Did you ever find your self in situation in which you just want to share your facebook status with some people only not with every one so in that case facebook privacy comes in play.Facebook privacy is great thing like how to hide your facebook friend list from public that i shown you last time now i will show you how to hide your facebook status from public,with some people or you can say makeContinue Reading

Move Facebook Photos From One Album To Another

Facebook is the world most social networking website but all the facebook tips is still not known to people like we can send multiple images on facebook chat and many more similarly to this do you know how to transfer your one image from one album to another album yes we can do this now you will say why we need this features when we can delete the picture and upload again to new album but supposeContinue Reading

How To Hide Facebook Friend List From Public

facebook is most famous social networking website then other so it necessary to maintain your facebook account or similarly if your are using twitter account then you should maintain it.In this tech tutorial i will show you how to hide your friends list from public so no one can see how many friends you have so it give more privacy to your facebook account. So let see how hide your facebook friend list from publicContinue Reading

How To Upload Video More Than 15min In Youtube

YouTube is most popular video browsing social networking site where people can access a huge database of youtube videos and all of we know about it ,one fact about youtube is we required more thank 100 years to watch all the videos on youtube.Most of us also upload video’s on youtube if you created new account then you’re only eligible to upload videos up to 15min ,but once your youtube account become older and youContinue Reading

Select And Send Multiple Images On Facebook Chat

Today i will show you a new feature that facebook recently introduced in facebook chat recently facebook done many changes in it system like introducing smileys and emotions in facebook chat so in the new feature you can select multiple images on facebook at one time to send.So in my this tutorials i will show how to select multiple photos on facebook and send to your friends.Follow below steps. 1.)Log in to your facebook account.Continue Reading

Send Birthday Wishes Automatically On Facebook

In last tutorial i show you how to schedule your facebook updates and status in this tutorials i will show how to send birthday wishes to your friends automatically it is similar to our previous tutorial in this tutorial you will also schedule your facebook birthday wishes that will automatically posted on your facebook friends wall on there birthday so why we need this because some time we don’t have time to log in onContinue Reading

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