Open Command Prompt In full Screen In Windows 7,8 and 8.1

Command prompt is also called disk operating system a.k.a DOS, I remembered when I used windows XP I frequently used command prompt to create folders and used it to run the java and c++ code thorug it.In windows XP I was able to view the command prompt in full screen by just hitting ALT+Enter but after releasing of windows 7 and other onward operating system they stop providing you the functionality to open the commandContinue Reading

How To Speed Up Your Computer Ultimate Guide

Some time people get upset by the low performance of the computers ,computer start taking so much time in responding to your query ,suppose you want to open any folder the folder will open after 2 or 3 minutes.So there can be many factors that are behind to slow down your personal computers.Computers don’t maintain itself automatically ,actually you are the one who is responsible for slow down of your computers,you have to maintain yourContinue Reading

How To Create You Own Run Commands

In today tutorial i show you how to create your own run commands.I hope you know what is run command ,if you don’t then it’s a command that you enter in the Run window to open a specific program.In one of my previous post i shown you how to access the control panels tools from Run. But why we need to create own Run commands.It save time to search program and secondly it cleans yourContinue Reading

How To Create An Invisible Folder In Window 7

Last time in my tutorial i told you about all time window 7 great shortcuts . In today tutorial i show you how to create an invisible folder.Most of the time we required to hide our files and to that we would like to purchase software.In today tutorial i will show you how to made an invisible folder in window 7 without any software.It will keep your data safe and secure only you will knowContinue Reading

How To Create Restore Point In Window 7

Before tweaking to your windows it is necessary to make a restore point first.So Creating a restore point is always beneficial when you are going to do some thing that make you in trouble.So it is necessary to make a restore point first before doing some changes in the how to make a restore point let see.1.)Right Click on Computer and click on properties. 2.)Computer properties window will open after that click on AdvancesContinue Reading

All Time Great Window 7 Shortcuts

Window 7 is the greatest windows platform ever launch by Microsoft if you are using windows 7 then you will definitely found that it much more stable ,flexible as compared to other window platform.Windows is entirely functional without a mouse cursor, and indeed many features can be accessed much faster through the use of keyboard shortcuts.Lets see what are these shortcuts that enhanced the capabilities of window 7 and how many of you know this.Continue Reading

How To Create Con Folder In Windows

Did you ever try to make a folder with name “con” in windows and you will found that you can’t create folder as you create others folder.So the question now arises why we can’t able to create that folder .The answer of this because “con” was basically use in old DOS versions for “Console” and now you will ask me then how to create this folder than let see how to do that….. Step 1:Continue Reading