How to view all YouTube comments without playing video

YouTube is world most famous video content website which backed by the Google, I personally like YouTube much more than the Google Plus. All over the world people browse YouTube and YouTube start providing many new features to the user like recently Google have introduced offline feature in YouTube which allow user to save YouTube video locally on YouTube, user can watch it later any time without internet connection and some feature of YouTube featuresContinue Reading

How to download YouTube playlist through IDM

There are plenty of software , browsers extension and plugins which allow you to download video file from the YouTube and you can easily download any kind of a video file from YouTube but if you want to download the whole playlist then most of us would go to each video and download each individual video one by one but this could going to take a plenty of time if there are hundreds of videoContinue Reading

How to get Videos from Browser Cache

if you watched any video over the browser then that video get stored locally on the computer in special folder called ‘cache’ so if after watching the video you want it to your local computer then you actually don’t need to download it because that video is already available in your local computer, so before moving ahead let’s see what actually is the browser cache. There are actually two ways of doing that one isContinue Reading

Watch YouTube Videos Without Lag On Firefox

Watching videos on youtube on low bandwidth is so much annoying we have to wait for complete buffering but when we have sufficient bandwidth and videos on youtube lag we put blame to youtube for there service but that’s not true , the main reason behind the lag of youtube videos is the Firefox web browser we are using.There is no doubt about how great firefox web browser is but some time we need toContinue Reading

Two Hidden YouTube Secrets

Every one of us love to watch videos on youtube , youtube contains tons of videos that we will not able to watch it completely in our life .I have my own youtube channel on which contained many video tutorials.The biggest problem that youtube user face that they don’t know how to upload video more than 15 min on youtube , but it really doesn’t required in the beginning .Some features that youtube doesn’t provideContinue Reading

How To Download YouTube Video And YouTube Music In Mozilla Firefox

YouTube used by every one all over the world it is the most famous video directory website where you find lots of videos , i my self created many video tutorials so all of us use it but youtube doesn’t provide many important functionality like how to stop youtube videos from auto playing in browser and how to zoom youtube videos ,Similarly youtube doesn’t allow us to download youtube video or youtube music we haveContinue Reading

How To Upload Video More Than 15min In Youtube

YouTube is most popular video browsing social networking site where people can access a huge database of youtube videos and all of we know about it ,one fact about youtube is we required more thank 100 years to watch all the videos on youtube.Most of us also upload video’s on youtube if you created new account then you’re only eligible to upload videos up to 15min ,but once your youtube account become older and youContinue Reading